We offer tactical and responsive advice and representation to employers on a range of issues.

We can provide an end-to-end solution for any employer-related matter. We specialise in advice and representation, as well as the preparation of custom contract packages, and training.

  • Change of management – advising on strategies to implement organisational redesign
  • Risk and compliance management – we’ll work with you to proactively put systems in place before pricey violations can occur:
  • Modern Award analysis and wage calculations
  • Investigations
  • Performance management, terminations and redundancies
  • Managing misconduct, discrimination and bullying
  • Managing workplace restructure
  • Implementing HR strategies
  • Managing flexible workplace arrangement requests
  • Setting up compliant contractor arrangements to avoid claims for sham contracting
  • Leave management for situations including ill or injured employees, parental leave requests, or workplace compensation leave
  • Post-employment restraints
  • Payroll tax advice
Custom Contract Packages

We understand that every employment relationship is different, but having to redraft a contract each time a relationship begins is costly and time-consuming.

We will customise a contract package to your business needs so that you have an adjustable set of templates which can be applied. We can also build additional elements into the template, including Modern Award analysis, Individual Flexibility Agreements, and commission structures.

We can create policy documents, tailored to your business and prioritising your major concerns regarding staff conduct and administrative processes.

We are also experienced in drafting enterprise agreements, assisting with enterprise agreement bargaining processes and communicating with union representatives on behalf of the employer.


We implement elegant solutions to big problems without causing drama and fuss, so you won’t see our work, or yours, in the media. We’ll focus on the claims and negotiations, so you can focus on the business.

Examples of our representation include:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • General protections
  • Contract disputes
  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying claims
  • Industrial action and bargaining disputes
  • Representation in Fair Work Ombudsman investigations

We aim to empower employees to do good work, and this means not just helping clients when problems arise, but providing education about employment law issues and taking a pre-emptive, culture-building approach to a good workplace.We will work with you to understand the core issues and how to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

We provide behavioural and leadership coaching for senior management positions and we implement strategies to promote awareness of Equal Employment Opportunity, discrimination and bullying to prevent negative situations from arising.

We also provide training and assistance to HR staff if they need legal input.

Success Stories
  • Led negotiations on behalf of our client, a well-known construction company, against a major union to dispute the approval of an enterprise agreement
  • Assisted an employer who had mistakenly underpaid an employee on a systematic basis to avoid litigation and prosecution by the Ombudsman
  • Created extensive consultation guidelines for a major retail chain who were undergoing a company-wide restructure affecting more than 300 staff
  • Gave expert efficient advice to an entrepreneur about employment-risk arising from possible business ventures
  • Guided an employer through various obligations arising in a potential liquidity crisis
  • Negotiated with a major union during the term of an enterprise agreement to alter expensive terms and conditions for employees due to a cash-flow crisis
  • Provided ongoing, as needed, advice across all employment law related issues for a range of clients, including an internationally recognised luxury hospitality brand, a major outsourced maintenance organisation, a funds management company, film production companies and advertising agencies.
  • Designed an alternative overtime and penalty rate scheme, in consultation with employees, without the need for a full enterprise agreement process.