We are a boutique firm that lives and breathes employment law. For those lawyers out there with different specialisations that need some assistance in this area feel free to get in touch – whether it be for direct client advice or white label arrangements.

We frequently haveĀ matters referred to us from other employment lawyers who are unable to take on an engagement for whatever reason.

We also have a fantastic network of legal professionals that we regularly get together with – often at free CLE events thrown at our offices – and should you need a trustworthy referral for other legal areas we can point you in the right direction.



  • Creating template employment packages.
  • Advising on staffing issues, particularly the current trend of unpaid interns, minimum entitlements for support staff and working visa regulations.
  • Assisting with employment-specific issues arising in commercial litigation, mergers and acquisitions, transfer of business and turn-around.
  • Performing the employment-specific work under the banner of other firms so that they can provide their clients a full service.
  • Providing advice to lawyers on the employment law aspects of discrete issues within their matter.
  • Assistance finalising negotiations by providing specific employment law experience in a complex matter.
  • Enforcing post-employment obligations on former employees of law firms.