Katrina Emmerick is one of our brightest solicitors, both in intelligence and disposition. She was admitted as a solicitor in 2018 and joined our team shortly after. Her experience working at the Fair Work Commission led her to discover a passion for employment law. Katrina brings a diverse range of experience and legal skills to the table, having spent time working in both property and personal injury law before DKL. Katrina is incredibly efficient in turning around our contract packages, providing our valued employer clients with a smooth, tailored approach to upgrading their contract suite.

Katrina’s addition to the team brought the total number of netballers in the office to five. Off the court, Katrina enjoys seeing live music and indulging in pastries. Katrina laments Sydney’s sub-par pastry game, and often finds herself reminiscing about the bakeries of Lyon, France where she spent time studying abroad.

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